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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

have shifted to http://www.crappycrab.wordpress.com
please relink. thanks! too lazy to tag at everybody's blog..

sigh this is my final post on this blog!! about 2 yrs le neh.. byebye!!

actually this is not really considered a post le lah, lol. anw now printing chpt 10 notes.. lala i see so you think you can dance on channel 5 now!!!!! woohoo!!! duno which series.. (:

today got nothing to do! yeah! (: can slack lalala.. (:

but june hols will be VERY busy. with np and SIAs and my own stuff.. hai.. hope we still have enough time to do library CIP though. and this reminds me that i gotta go write my NYAA diary! crap some last minute rubbish out, lol.

oh ya got maths ws 9.1 to complete! by fri! oh no better finish by today.. ): but i wanna play........

anw the final goodbye! yong bie le! sayounara! i'll leave this blog and ba zhan the address! (no like other ppl will put this address, lol.)

5/16/2007 06:47:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

omagod, my gor lost his wallet again.

with class fund in it too. luckily, not more than $60. and now my mum is saying she's not gonna allow him to go out with his friends anymore.

i seriously think my mum has some problems. like does losing a wallet has anything to do with going out with friends? and his wallet was picked, not like he purposely left it on a table at macdonalds in orchard. she's crazy. moreover, this time his ezlink was not in his wallet, his ic was not inside too, and he lost not more than $60 worth of money. isnt that a blessing (considered)? not like she'd have to spend more money making anoter ic or ezlink. and when my gor said there was class fund inside i was expecting like more than $100 lah..

i think she should learn how to control her emotions better. at least not say such hurtful things. like my gor wont feel sad/remorseful that he lost his wallet. with class fund in it some more. and he already very independently went to make a poilce report and tried to settle the matter. and he's not making you spend any money on making a new ic or paying back the class fund. i know he'll do it himself. so instead of saying such things, why dont you just keep quiet and not flare up suddenly? i mean at most just tell him to take better note of his stuff, instead of saying things that wont help the situation. at all.

5/13/2007 05:23:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

yay me is finally blogging!!!!

me lucky just finished bathing and he is collarless. oh no no no. anw he'll happily wag his tail and run to us when we wave his collar around cos he knows that it's his and he wants to wear it!!!! so clever... (:

anw lalala me got 20/25 for geog!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

but overall still lousy cos last term i got lousy results. ):

but i'm proud to announce that i passed all my subjects this semester!!!! even maths which i just managed to scrape a 60. but i'll jiayou and work harder!!! (:

i wanna go with the class for cip!!! but nco course!!!! ): go with other class no fun already, and cannot hear our chior classmates singing in their beautiful pro voices.. and cannot see wenqi zi highing when singing.. so sad!!! ):

anw went my cousin's house yesterday and i played her guzheng!!! now i know all the notes of the guzheng and how to play. (: i shall learn it when i have the time. (i'm 100% serious) my mum seems quite keen on it too.. (: first time she's keen on smth i wanna learn leh.. last time i wanna learn piano she say the piano very ex and i'll be like san fen zhong re du so she dont let me learn.. but now guzheng like my cousin's grandma say buy the cheapest kind to learn first then when you're better at it then buy those good kind.. yay so i can share the amount with my mum (if i'm despo enough) (:

anw my dad has starting telling me how bad nokia 5300 is. he say his colleagues buy for their kids then within 3 days spoil, etc etc. and i told him my auntie and my friends ones all nothing happen. (the friends happen to be vernice cos i heard that she got that phone but i duno if got spoil not but she's a friend mah so i not lying to my dad (:)

anw this june hols will be busy!!! geog sia, chinese sia, bio sia.. and got atc nco course pk and homefront and monopoly thing bsp camp and my birthday (:

oh no now must go do LA SIA ):

5/13/2007 12:01:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

i am prepared to flunk geog. again.

OMG what am i doing?!?!?! why am i not studying geog?!?!? oh man, i bet fictionpress is addictive. crap.

and i was so motivated to study geog, once i turned on the com i dont wanna study till i finish the story. crap.

OH NO I DONT WANNA FAIL GEOG AGAIN!!!!! talk about motivation. who was the one telling ziai about having the motivation to study? looks like i cant seem to do it once i touch the com.

anw random fact i got into bangalore with yuanhan and zhiyi!!! whee!!! (:

anw OMG i am so going to die tmr. yes i havent even touched the blue and green revolution!!! i'm only at the pathetic trends of frigging consumption. i still dont understand why we are doing this. shit i'm really going to flunk it this time.. oh man my precious first semester mark for geog would be UNDERLINED IN RED. OR BLUE. WHATEVER. EMPHASIS WOULD BE PLACED ON THE FORTY PLUS MARKS. OMG I'M SO GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!! *faints

let's hope i can persist and mug till late at night. argh get on with reading your story and hurry to study for geog you idiot!!!!!!! hmph.

5/02/2007 08:58:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


yay finished all the tests le! left geog.. i think i wont get very good results for bio.. chem should be ok, IH not very sure.. sigh.. but must thank pinghui for lending me the notes from the textbook! she was digging them out while walking lah cos we went home together after act and then i was complaining about how i didnt buy the textbook and then she lent the photocopied one to me! (:

oh man i dont wanna go maths lesson tmr!!! i'm 99% sure that he's giving back maths tmr. and i dont want it. i think i'd score like 10 marks only? i dont wanna see how disastrous the results are.. and chem SIA hai wen4 ti2 duo1 duo1 lor stupid tintin ask us to upload onto website and we did everything in dreamweaver!!! so hai going to ask him if we can pass him in a CD if not sorry we no time to go get a website cos we got cca tmr.

anw smth disastrous happened!!! (other than maths lah) die liao.. ):

4/25/2007 07:34:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

okay, whatever

you can throw everything away. you can throw me away. i dont care. you can throw my things away without my permission. you dont even bother to understand other ppl's culture. what like a guy hanging himself. cant you understand japanese culture? and it was a souvenir from itc. i dont care what you think. you didnt even consult me. like my thing = your thing? it was not even smth you gave me. it was from ma'ams. it was from 37 ma'ams, not you. and it's just like the earring with the christ cross. no one said that only christians can wear that. no one said that Buddhists wearing Christ crosses means betrayal or whatever to their religion.

i'm super pissed now, dont you dare come and piss me off again by pushing all the blame to me, just bcos you cant scold an outsider.

4/08/2007 07:44:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

doing bsp assignment now.

i want to complain! vivien lee and cheryl tay snatched the interesting parts to do while i had to do about the lecture! no fair! didnt realise it'd be boring until i started doing it today.. but i think they already do le, so i'll have to do my part..

anw went training for 2.4 this morning! i ran/jogged/whatever 1.2km in 7min 40sec! not bad not bad.. that is, if i can maintain that speed in the mext 1.2km lah.. but i'll train hard! i'll go for morning jogs with jojo they all.. (: and train with my uncle weekly.. so plus PE i'd be training 4 times a week!!! so scary.. too many times le lah.. but i'd rather train hard than regret it when i find out that 2.4km is the component that is dragging my grade down from gold to silver. some more we're running with sec 4s cos we got 3rd lang on the days we're supposed to do it. and sec 4s run faster..

ok i think i better go finish my assignment fast, complete my half done maths 7.2 so that i can go watch KO One!!! (:

4/08/2007 12:35:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


the bio/chem SIA is so screwed!! more than one hour past le and it is still not very oxidized! although the strawberry one is the most screwed, cos it's dyed red by the juice.. sigh..

still taking the photos every 10 mins.. doing campfire clear up now.. wanna find out what happened during act, still feel quite unhappy that cannot go act, but duno if is good or bad thing.. cos if go then i cant do much like wasting time but if dont go will miss out on stuff..

anw the nz and australia exchange prog only left a few vacancies! so if we put as choice and dont get through interview we'll be automatically put in our 2nd choice.. i think yuanhan and i putting bangalore for CIP, so at least if we dont get to go on exchange prog bangalore CIP still have.. aiyah very complicated, but must decide by thursday.. so little time! last yr subj combi also liddat, like 1 week must give back form le.. sigh..

ok shall go do the campfire clear up now (keep having the urge to say farewell clear up cos clear up is normally connected with farewell..)

4/03/2007 07:22:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...

Monday, April 02, 2007

歌手:Tank       专辑:生存之道







lovely lyrics!! although it's supposedly quite long ago but KO One is quite long ago too.. i abit outdated.. more or less finished IH presentation le, waiting for janabel to send me the stuff.. will go on to do script after i finish my dinner..

i wanna go act!!!!! i hate it that i pulled/tear/whatever my ligament. it's such a burden. i cant do PE, i cant train for NAPFA, i'll have to catch up with the class on high jump, i cant go for act, i cant run, i can do drills, i cant lean on my right leg for too long argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm feeling so pissed. why didnt i do warm up? why other ppl who nvr do warm up did not pull/tear/whatever their ligament? oh man i'm so suay....................

4/02/2007 08:22:00 PM
if only i could let u stay by my side...





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